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AHHA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) needs your support in order to contribute to candidates that will work to support a strong healthcare system in Alaska. PAC supporters will be recognized during our annual meeting.


AHHA, through its PAC, has a tradition of supporting candidates for public office. The PAC provides us the opportunity to dialogue with candidates about the importance of the delivery of healthcare services we provide. Because the PAC falls under the jurisdiction of the Alaska Public Offices Commission, certain rules apply.


Here is a summary of these rules:


  • There is currently no limit to what individuals can contribute to the PAC.

  • Corporate donations are NOT allowed.

  • Checks (non-corporate) and credit cards (non-corporate) are accepted by the PAC.

  • The AHHA PAC does not accept cash.


Please help us reach our 2022 goal of $10,000!

You can make a contribution online by using the form below, or by sending a check to:
1049 W. 5th Ave, Suite 200
Anchorage, AK 99501


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