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AHHA CNA Workforce
Development Project

Application for funding to support CNA training

AHHA is accepting applications for funding from nursing homes, hospitals, or CNA training programs to support the expansion of CNA workforce.


The Alaska Board of Nursing passed emergency regulations to address the critical shortfall of CNAs by offering flexibility for CNA training programs for 120 days. This change allows programs to reduce the number of training hours from 140 to 75 and requires programs to meet only the federal training requirements. A federal CMS waiver allows facilities to employee temporary nurse aides for up to 120 days. These two changes create an opportunity for facilities to hire nurse aides and allow them to receive some of their training on-the-job while providing care to residents.


AHHA has a contract with the state and seeks to accomplish the following:


  • Recruit new CNAs to immediately complete training and certification, enter the workforce, and support Alaska’s long-term care facilities to address CNA shortages.

  • Create a pipeline of interest to grow Alaska’s CNA workforce for the future.

  • Retain existing CNAs at long-term care facilities.

Facilities or programs interested in receiving funding to support training CNAs may complete and submit the application form below. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning on October 15.  Applications will be accepted and reviewed until all funds have been allocated.

Priority will be given to funding requests focused on training and employing CNAs during the Board of Nursing 120-day period of flexibility (ending Jan. 4, 2022).  If funding remains available, requests for funding for training after Jan 4, 2022 will be considered.

Total funding available is $190,000. The maximum per application is $25,000.


Allowable activities to be funded:

  • Salary cost or contract for CNA RN instructor and RN clinical preceptors

  • Stipends or incentives for CNA preceptors who support CNA trainees during training

  • Curriculum and training equipment or program supplies

  • Scholarships to cover cost of CNA training program tuition, equipment, books, certification etc. (student must be employed by facility and agree to work following completion of training)

  • Other expenses may be detailed on application for possible approval


A separate funding application will be available for facilities to request funding to offer cash incentives to CNAs to support retention of current workforce and recruitment of new CNAs.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your application contact Jeannie Monk at 907-586-4068 or

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