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The Alaska Hospital and Healthcare Association (AHHA) is providing the opportunity for hospitals and nursing homes to request funding to support the costs of training that contributes to staff development, improvement in patient care, and employee retention. The money comes from a contract with the State of Alaska Department of Health focused on healthcare workforce development. 


AHHA members are encouraged to apply soon and plan for their specialty training events, as the window for paying out approved awards closes on June 30, 2025.  


Who is eligible for funding?

Applicants must be an AHHA Institutional Member in good standing (hospital or nursing home current in dues payment).


How much money is available?

Approved awards will be capped at $2,000 per trainee, but the requested amount may support the cost of training multiple employees. Separate applications should be submitted for different training events and will be considered even if participating employees attend multiple types of training.


What are the criteria for granting awards?

Members can request funding to support one or more employees to attend training on-line, in-person at a location away from the workplace, or to sponsor an on-site training event for a group of employees.


Priority will be given to requests for training support that:

  • Addresses needs identified in the recent nurse specialty training survey such as skilled nursing, professional development for nurse educators, perinatal/OB, and nurse leadership.

  • Supports nurses’ transition to practice through structured programs (nurse residency programs).

  • Improves workforce safety and/or workforce wellness.

  • Implements innovative initiatives related to career pathways and professional development for staff.

  • Benefits more than one employee.

  • Can be completed within 12 months.


What expenses can be funded?

  • Contractual/professional services to provide training (on-line or in person)

  • Honorariums or stipends for educators, preceptors, mentors, etc.

  • Curriculum purchase or training registration fees

  • Supplies/equipment for education programs

  • Travel expenses for trainers and/or trainees

  • Training expenses (room rental, etc.)

  • Other expenses


What are the funding restrictions?

  • Funds may not be used for cash recruitment or retention payments to staff.

  • Funds may not be used for direct provision of healthcare services (salaries, etc.)

  • Funding may not be used for scholarships or tuition for an academic degree program.

  • Awards will not be granted for mandatory training already required of staff and already built into the facility’s budget. These funds are meant to supplement, not supplant, training opportunities for your healthcare workforce.

What is the process for applying for funding?

  • Click on the "Apply Now" button to access the online application form. Once there, the first step is to download and complete the Narrative & Budget form so it can be uploaded to the online application. Please note that the form should be signed by someone authorized to accept funds on behalf of the facility and/or to approve the staff training for which funding is sought.

  • Applications will be reviewed as they are received.

  • Additional information may be requested following initial review of the application.

  • If approved, a funding agreement will be signed. Funding will be provided as an advance and/or on a reimbursement basis depending on the training’s structure.

  • Organizations receiving funding will be required to submit a final report providing feedback on the training and a description of the project’s outcome.



Contact Marjorie Hamburger at or (907) 500-2963.

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