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Please wait - the votervoice module can take several seconds to load on the page below. 

Let's get started:
Please note these instructions will remain at the top of the page for your reference as you go through the steps below.


  • Click on the blue button below, "Take action now! Tell legislators to support Nurse Licensure Compact legislation." This will open up a new form where you will be able to select and send your letter of support.

  • Compose your message. In the grey section below under the header "Compose Your Message", you will see message boxes with "Subject" and "Message Body" ready to go. We have four versions of letters available - please click the "switch message" button to select one and then customize it with a personal message about the impact the compact will have on your ability to care for Alaskans. 

  • Submit your message. Once your message is ready, complete the "Enter Your Info" section and then click on the blue "Send Message" button at the bottom to send your message to your state representative and senator.


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Jann Mylet at

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