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AHHA Welcomes Destiny Hill

AHHA is excited to announce that we have added a new staff member to our Juneau office. Destiny Hill was on the hunt for employment in Juneau after her husband accepted a job in town and they both felt that moving to Alaska would be an amazing opportunity. The role at AHHA seemed like a good chance to combine Destiny's passion for both healthcare and business and she is excited to become AHHA's new program assistant.

"If you would’ve told this small-town Carolina girl a year ago that I would someday be living in Alaska," Destiny reflects. "I would’ve laughed. Now here I am, with my husband and two dogs, enjoying everything the great state has to offer."

Originally from North Carolina, Destiny graduated with a bachelors in business administration with a marketing concentration from East Carolina University. She was able to climb the corporate ladder quickly at the marketing agency she was working for and ended up leaving as the Director of Digital Marketing Services. She is currently studying to earn her master’s degree in integrated marketing and communication and expects to complete the program by spring 2024 at UNC Wilmington.

"I grew up around healthcare professions and originally wanted to be a surgeon," Destiny explains. "As time went on, I realized I had other priorities in life, so I pursued a nursing career but eventually ended up changing my major altogether. I feel like my CNA and EMT training has led me to AHHA."

When she's not working, Destiny enjoys reading, spending time with her dogs, a good cup of coffee, and reality TV.

Welcome, Destiny!

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