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The Alaska Hospital and Healthcare Association (AHHA) has received contract funding from the State of Alaska Department of Health focused on Healthcare Workforce Development.  The overall goal for dispersing this funding is to provide opportunities for hospitals and nursing homes to implement innovative initiatives that expand and stabilize the healthcare workforce. AHHA members may apply for start-up or pilot funding for a priority workforce initiative.  This funding will allow facilities to try out new ideas, gather data on outcomes, and secure longer-term funding for successful strategies.


Who is eligible for funding?

Applicants must be an AHHA Institutional Member in good standing (hospital or nursing home current in dues payment).


How much money is available?

Funding amounts are anticipated to be from $10,000 - $50,000 per year depending on the scope of the project. Currently the funding is available for projects that can expend the money by June of 2025. Multi-year funding will be contingent upon AHHA’s success at negotiating a new contract with the state to provide funds beyond June 2025 as well as demonstrated outcomes and progress with projects being funded.


What are the criteria for granting awards?

Initiatives should focus on at least one of the following AHHA workforce focus areas:


Pipeline – Grow/Recruit

Forge strong partnerships between the healthcare industry, schools, and students to build a sustainable healthcare workforce pipeline in Alaska. Projects may include work-based learning opportunities for K-12 students, internship programs, healthcare apprenticeship projects, collaboration with educational programs, and others.


Pathways – Train

Develop healthcare career pathways and professional development opportunities to provide training and advanced skills to improve patient care and employee retention with a special emphasis on the nursing workforce. Develop facility capacity/staff to focus on workforce development initiatives.


Protection – Strengthen

Develop and implement strategies that support wellness, increase resiliency, and address burnout, violence, and other threats to retention. Remove barriers that overburden the industry and workers. PLEASE NOTE: Facilities participating in the 2023 Shapiro Wellness and Burnout Project are not eligible to receive funding in this area in 2023 but may apply for funding to implement action plans after their assessment is complete.


What expenses can be funded?

  • Salaries for staff to develop, oversee or implement workforce initiatives.

  • Contractual/professional services

  • Education programs that support workforce pipeline

  • Scholarships or tuition to support career ladder advancement

  • Honorariums or stipends for educators, preceptors, mentors, interns, etc.

  • Curriculum/training

  • Supplies/equipment for education programs

  • Other expenses


What are the funding restrictions?

  • Funds may NOT be used for cash recruitment or retention payments to staff

  • Funds may NOT be used for direct provision of healthcare services (salaries, etc.)

What is the process for applying for funding?

  • Click on the "Apply Now" button to access the online application form. Once there, the first step is to download and complete the Narrative & Budget form so it can be uploaded to the online application.

  • Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

  • Depending on the size and scope of the request, additional information may be requested following initial review of the application.

  • If approved, the organization will sign a funding agreement. Funding will be provided as an advance or on a reimbursement basis depending on the size and length of the project.

  • Organizations receiving funding will be required to submit mid- and end-of-year reports describing the project’s status and outcomes — what worked, what challenges were encountered, and what impact was felt. 



Contact Marjorie Hamburger at or (907) 500-2963.

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